Women in Microfluidics & BioMEMS

A continuously updated list to highlight women principal investigators.

Allbritton, Nancy | Univ of North Carolina/North Carolina State Univ | Professor | Biomedical microdevices, organ on chip, single cell assays

Anand, Robbyn | Iowa State University | Assistant Professor of Chemistry | Analysis of rare cells to understand their role in cancer progression; Miniaturization of hemodialyzers; Integration of electrokinetic enrichment with biosensing; Rapid electrocatalyst screening

Anna, Shelley | Carnegie Mellon University | Professor | Droplet microfluidics, interfacial flows, microbiome, surfactants, nanoparticles, transport

Aran, Kiana | Keck Graduate Institute,Claremont Colleges | Assistant professor | Developing microfluidic-based apheresis systems for aging research, developing digital biosensors using 2D materials for genomics and proteomics, Developing ingestible oral drug delivery devices.

Barstis, Toni | Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN | Professor | Developing simple, inexpensive paper-based tests that can be used by most anyone and anywhere to screen for low quality pharmaceuticals and contaminated food and water

Basabe, Lourdes | University of the Basque Country | Professor | Analytical platforms for cell biology and/or rapid analysis of fluids. Research lines: microfluidics, smart materials for sensing and actuation, surface engineering and microsystems integration

Basu, Oni | University of Chicago; Argonne National Laboratory | Assistant Professor; Assistant Scientist | Single cell genomics, host-microbe interaction, microbial genomics and the microbiome, droplet microfluidics, 3D printing, imaging, NGS, biopolymers.

Bergbreiter, Sarah | Carnegie Mellon University | Professor | Microrobots as physical models for biology; Soft microsensors; Microactuators; Multi-material microfabrication; 3D printing at the microscale

Biswal, Lisa | Rice University | Professor | Multiphase flows, emulsions, bubbles

Bowden, Audrey | Vanderbilt University | Associate Professor | Combining optics, electrical engineering, computer vision, machine learning, microfluidics, nanophotonics, etc. for clinical translation

Bridle, Helen | Heriot-Watt University | Associate Professor | Inertial focusing Waterborne pathogens Stem cells and regenerative medicine Algae dewatering Public engagement

Caselli, Federica | University of Rome Tor Vergata | Associate Professor | Biomedical microdevices, microfluidic impedance spectroscopy, experimental and modeling approaches for cell biophysical characterization

Ceylan Koydemir, Hatice | Texas A&M University | Assistant Professor | Non-invasive biosensors, point-of-care technologies, biophotonics, bioimaging, biosensing, and integrated devices.

Cheung, Karen | University of British Columbia | Professor; Director of Graduate Program in the School of Biomedical Engineering | Tissue engineering; tissue-on-chip; high content drug screening; microscopy; inkjet printing; single-cell analysis; microfluidics; biosensors; neural interfaces; bionics

Chiang, Ya-Yu | Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chung - Hsing University. | Assistant Professor | Dr. Ya-Yu Chiang current research interests include fluidic manipulation, biomimicry, and multiphase mass transfer and reaction kinetics.

Cho, Yoon-Kyoung | UNIST, IBS | Professor, Group Leader | Lab-on-a-disc, point-of-care diagnostics, analysis of rare cells and extracellular biomarkers, liquid biopsy, microfluidic chips for systems analysis of intercellular communication.

Cui, Bianxiao | Stanford University | Associate Professor | I am interested in understanding signal propagation in cells using quantitative tools that draw from many disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science.

Culfaz Emecen, P. Zeynep | Middle East Technical University | Professor | Membrane fabrication, separation processes, mass transfer

Damiati, Samar | Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE | Associate Professor | 1. Biomimetic Model Membranes 2. Synthetic Biology 3. Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics 4. Biosensors

Daniels, Karen | North Carolina State University | Professor of Physics | Dynamics of colloids in microfluidic flows; elastocapillary effects; surfactant dynamics

Davis, Cristina | University of California, Davis | Professor | Chemical sensors, mass spectrometry, biomarker discovery, chemometrics data analysis, machine learning, ion mobility spectrometry

Deman, Anne-Laure | Institute of Nanotechnology of Lyon | Associate Professor | Lab-on-a-chip for cell manipulation. Design and implementation of magnetophoretic functions based on microstructured composites polymers. Application to CTC sorting and characterisation on chip.

Desai, Tejal | University of California, San Francisco | Professor and Chair | Dr. Desai’s lab uses micro and nanotechnology to develop innovative devices for drug delivery, cell and tissue scaffolds, immunomodulation, and medical devices.

Descroix, Stephanie | Institut Curie - CNRS - IPGG | Team Leader | Microfluidic for bioanalysis - Circulating biomarkers - Organ on chip - Droplet Microfluidics & entrepreneurship

Dittrich, Petra | ETH Zurich | Professor | Analytical Chemistry Diagnostic devices Single-cell analysis Screening/microCytometry Droplet microfluidics Membranes/Membrane permeation/Liposomes/Exosomes Artificial cells

Dressaire, Emilie | UCSB | Assistant Professor | Bio-inspired fluid mechanics.

Dutcher, Cari | University of Minnesota | Associate Professor | Droplet microfluidics; surfactant transport; coalescence; interfacial rheology; multiphase flows including emulsions, foams, aerosols

Elvira, Katherine | University of Victoria | Canada Research Chair | My group develops microfluidic platforms for the creation of artificial cells for applications in drug discovery and healthcare.

Fernandez-Cuesta, Irene | Universität Hamburg | Group Leader | Nanofluidics, single molecule detection, DNA mapping, NEMS, integrated devices, nanotechnologies, plasmonics, nanooptics

Fordyce, Polly | Stanford University | Assistant Professor | Microfluidics for high-throughput, quantitative biophysics and biochemistry

Frederick, Kimberley | Skidmore College | Professor of Chemistry | Our group uses paper and 3D printed microfluidic devices to develop point of use testing devices. Our primary applications are environmental but also occassionally biomedical and forensics.

Gray, Bonnie | Simon Fraser University | Professor of Engineering Science | Novel materials & fabrication techniques for biomedical, microfluidic, & acoustic devices & systems; flexible & wearable microfluidics & instruments; chip-based biological cell sorting & trapping.

Guiducci, Carlotta | carlotta.guiducci@epfl.ch | Associate Professor | TECH: Lab-on-chip/CMOS integration; micronanosensors; electrokinetics; DNA biochemistry/aptamers; single cell biology. APPL. AREAS: small molecules analytics.; Single-Cell analysis and sorting.

Guijt, Rosanne | Deakin University | Team leader | Microfabrication incl 3D printing, electrophoresis, electrokinetics, continuous flow separations, online monitoring

Gumuscu, Burcu | University of Twente | N. tenure tracker | I am a curiosity driven scientist focusing on creating hybrid hydrogel and micro/nano fabricated platforms for engineering and clinical applications.

Gupta, Shalini | Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Associate Professor | Directed colloidal assembly in external electric fields, Nanobioengineering, Interfacial science, Medial diagnostics, Point of care microfluidic devices, Drug delivery, Infectious diseases

Holland, Lisa | West Virgnia University | Faculty | Capillary electrophoresis and microfluidic separations of biomolecules including glycans, glycoproteins, DNA, metabolites, and hormones

Han, Hee-Sun | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Assistant Professor | • Microfluidics for single virus genomics (virus discovery, viral evolution and intersegment interaction), single cell transcriptomics, and point-of-care diagnostics • Spatial transcriptomics

Han, Crystal | San Jose State University | Assistant Professor | Control of transport and reaction of biomolecules by electric field in microfluidic systems. Microfluidic techniques for rapid disease diagnosis, point-of-care diagnosis, food safety, and bioresearch.

Hashemi, Nicole | Iowa State University | Associate Professor | Microfluidics; Organ on a Chip; Lab on a Chip; Biomaterials; Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Hashmi, Sara | Northeastern University | Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering | Complex fluids, biomaterials & soft materials: manipulation of nanoscale & single-particle properties to control macroscale transport & assembly; microfluidics for biomedical, pharmaceutical & energy.

He, Mei | University of Kansas | Assistant Professor | • 3D Printing and Bioprinting of Living Tissue Foundry • Extracellular Vesicles for Cancer Immunotherapy • 3D Microfluidics and Nanotechnology

Herr, Amy E. | University of California, Berkeley | Professor | Single-cell biology, targeted proteomics, microfluidics, assay design, electrokinetics, photoactive hydrogels, microsystems design, clinical impact (drug-resistant cancer), & entrepreneurship

Ho, Megan Yi-Ping | The Chinese University of Hong Kong | Associate Professor | Our goal is to apply the innovations of microfluidics and nanotechnology to understand the cellular heterogeneity.

Homsy, Alexandra | University of applied sciences western switzerland | Professeur HES | Integrated lab-on-chip systems, membrane integration, sample preparation, micro-nano manufacturing, optofluidics, accoustofluidics, industrialisation of lab-on-chip devices

Hoorfar, Mina | University of British Columbia | Professor and Director at School of Engineering | Microfluidics, biosensing, olfaction technology.

Houston, Jessica | New Mexico State University | Associate Professor | Flow cytometry, fluorescence lifetime, acoustic focusing, optofluidics, biophotonics

Hur, Sj Claire | Johns Hopkins University | Assistant Professor | My primary research goals include the development of microfluidic platforms to understand complex fluid dynamics principles and to translate acquired knowledge into practical biomedical applications.

Jang, Jinah | Pohang University of Science and Technology | Associate Professor | Bioprinting, Bioinks, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Jastrzebska, Elzbieta | Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Chair of Medical Biotechnology | Associate Professor | Development of the microsystems used in cellular engineering and biotechnology; two-dimensional and spatial cell cultures based on carcinoma, cardiac (Heart-on-a-chip ) and stem cells

Jeon, Jessie S. | KAIST | Assistant Professor | Microfluidics, organ-on-a-chip, drug screening platform, in vitro disease microenvironment

Jimenez, Melanie | University of Strathclyde | Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow | Flow cytometry, single cell analysis, high speed imaging, cell sorting, inertial microfluidics

Kersaudy-Kerhoas, Maïwenn | Heriot-Watt University | Associate Professor | Microfluidic tools for the preparation of human blood samples prior to analytical detection of biomarkers such as DNA, RNA and microRNA. Rapid-prototyping ; sustainable microfluidics

Kelley, Shana | University of Toronto | Distinguished University Professor | Rare cell analysis, liquid biopsy, high throughput genomics and drug discovery.

Khine, Michelle | UC Irvine | Professor | Digital health, wearable technologies, point of care, nanotechnology, personal medicine,

Khnouf, Ruba | Jordan University of Science and Tec | Associate Professor | Microfluidics, bionanotechnology, BioMEMS, Lab-On-Chip, electrokinetics for bio applications, point of care diagnostics

Khoo, Bee Luan | City University of Hong Kong | Assistant professor | Microfluidic Systems, Disease Characterisation, Chronic Disease Management, Liquid Biopsy, Personalised Medicine

Kim, Jiyun | Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) | Faculty | Soft robotics, Programmable matter, Biomaterials, Nano-bio interfaces, Human-machine interfaces, etc.

Klapperich , Catherine (Cathie) | Boston University | Professor and Vice Chair of Biomedical Engineering | Molecular Diagnostics. Point of Care Testing. Drug Adherence Testing. Women's Health. Sexually Transmitted Infections. Paperfluidics. Sample Preparation.

Konry, Tania | Northeastern University | Assistant Professor | Development of novel Bio-MEMS and Tissue-chip technologies for cellular analysis to correlate molecular data with quantitative evaluation of cell behaviors such as motility, secretion and signaling.

Kovarik, Michelle | Trinity College | Associate Professor of Chemistry | Microfluidic chemical cytometry, supported lipid bilayer coatings in microfluidics, single-cell enzyme assays, microelectrophoretic separations

Kulsharova, Gulsim | Nazarbayev University | Assistant Professor | Microfluidic and microelectronic devices for organ-on-chip technology, which, in the future, can reduce the number of animal models used in drug development. Sensors, bio-FET devices, bioionotronics.

Lapizco-Encinas, Blanca | Rochester Institute of Technology | Professor | Microfluidics, focusing on cell and macromolecule manipulation with electrokinetic methods (dielectrophoresis, electrophororesis and electroosmosis)

Le Gac, Séverine | University of Twente | Associate Professor, group leader | Assisted reproductive technologies tumor-on-a-chip cartilage-on-a-chip single cell analysis

Lee, Nae Yoon | Gachon University | Professor | Lab-on-a-Chip for integrated genetic analysis, Surface modification for microdevice assembling, Microscale polymerase chain reaction, Point-of-Care Testing, Micro-/Nanopatterning, Organ-on-a-Chip

Lee, Seung Ah | Yonsei University | Assistant Professor | Optofluidics, microscopy, computational imaging, lab-on-a-chip systems

Leggett, Susan | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign | Assistant Professor of Bioengineering | Live-cell imaging of tumor dynamics, biomaterials and microfluidics, cancer cell plasticity and spatiotemporal heterogeneity, cell morphology/migration/mechanics

Linnes, Jacqueline | Purdue University | Marta E Gross Assistant Professor | Microfluidic biosensors, lab-on-a-chip diagnostics, wearable biosensors, fluid flow in porous matrices, point-of-care devices for global health

Lu, Hang | Georgia Institute of Technology | C.J. “Pete” Silas Endowed Chair and Professor | Microfluidics for high-throughput screens, image-based genetics and genomics, neuroscience, developmental biology, immunology; machine learning; systems biology

Lunte, Susan | University of Kansas | Ralph N. Adams Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry | Microchip electrophoresis; separation based sensors for in vivo monitoring of neurotransmitters, electrochemical detection, single cell analysis; clinical applications, pharmaceutical analysis

Mahshid, Sara | McGill University | assistant professor | Micro/nanofluidics, lab-on-chips, nanomaterials based biosensing, diagnostics, single cell analysis

Mcguigan, Alison | University of Toronto | Principal Investigator | The McGuigan Lab designs predictive heterogeneous tissue mimetic systems for understanding mechanisms of tissue assembly, disease, and regeneration and applies these systems to improve human health.

Meldrum, Fiona | University of Leeds | Professor | My group carries out research in the area of bio-inspired materials chemistry, taking Nature as the inspiration for developing novel strategies for the production of advanced materials.

Meng, Ellis | University of Southern California | Professor | BioMEMS, microsensors and actuators, implantable microdevices, neural interfaces, drug delivery devices

Minerick, Adrienne | Michigan Technological University | Professor | Dielectrophoresis, medical diagnostics, electrokinetics, human red blood cells, vitamin analysis in tears, ABO-Rh blood typing, hematocrit determination, hemolysis, ion gradients, isoelectric focusing

Moschou, Despina | University of Bath | Lecturer (Assistant Professor) | Lab-on-Chip devices for biomedical diagnostics and drug discovery Lab-on-PCB technology BioMEMs cost effective integration Electrochemical biosensors Printed bioelectronics Large area electronics

Nazemifard, Neda | University of Alberta | Associate Professor | Transport phenomena in micro/nano scale environment, interfacial rheology, electrokinetics and colloidal interactions, design and fabrication of micro/nanofluidic reactors in energy applications.

Neugebauer, Ute | Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology | Department Leader | Clinical spectroscopic diagnostics; bioanalytical and -medical (microfluidic) chip systems for photonic analysis of physiological interactions during infection and sepsis

Owens, Roisin | University of Cambridge | Professor of Bioelectronics | Microphysiological systems; organ on chip with integrated electronic monitoring. We focus on adapting electronics to 3D cultures; tissue engineered models of human biology, specifcally barrier tissues

Pamme, Nicole | University of Hull (UK) | Professor in Analytical Chemistry | Our research evolves around the study of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices for environmental analysis on-site, for clinical diagnostics at the point-of-care and the synthesis of smart materials.

Park, Tae-Eun | Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology | Assistant Professor | - Organ-on-a-chip - Blood brain barrier on a chip - Neurovascular unit - Metabolic stress-induced vascular disease - DDS development using organ on a chip

Paul, Debjani | Indian Institute of Technology Bombay | Associate Professor | Diagnostics, paperfluidics, cell separation, sickle cell disease detection, deformability cytometry, biosensors

Pennathur, Sumita | UCSB | Professor | Microfluidics, Nanofluidics, MEMS, Type I diabetes, Electrokinetics

Pensabene, Virginia | University of Leeds | University Academic Fellow | My research goal is to reveal the origins and causes of adverse pregnancy outcomes and infertility by developing innovative microfluidic systems and high sensitivity analytical methods.

Perry, Sarah | University of Massachusetts Amherst | Professor | X-ray compatible microfluidics Microfluidics for mRNA manufacture Microfluidics in the classroom Microfluidics for outreach

Peyman, Sally | University of Leeds | Associate Professor | Organ-on-chip Pathogen diagnostics Biophysics Nanomedicines Cancer

Pompano, Rebecca | University of Virginia | Assistant Professor | Bioanalytical chemistry in living tissue, spatial organization, cell-cell interactions, hybrid tissue-chips, organ-on-chip, ex vivo tissue, fluorescence imaging, vaccines, autoimmunity, tumor immunity

Poudineh, Mahla | University of Waterloo | Assistant Professor | Microfluidic and microneedle-based assays for continuous monitoring and early disease diagnosis

Pruitt, Beth | UCSB | Professor | Mechanobiology: my lab develops microtechnologies for small-scale electromechanical & mechanobiology measurements to study how mechanics mediates biological signaling.

Qin, Jianhua | Dalian Institute of Chemistry Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) | Team leader | Microfluidics, bioinspired biomimetic system, human organoids on chip, stem cell organoids, development biology, disease modeling, drug testing

Rath, Dharitri | Indian Institute of Technology Jammu | Assistant Professor | Paper Based Microfluidics for Affordable Diagnostics using both modeling & experimental tech, Microfluidic devices for analyte detection, Isolation & downstream detection of blood-based biomarkers.

Ren, Carolyn | University of Waterloo | Professor | Droplet microfluidics, Microwave sensing and heating, Active control of individual droplets, protein fractionation, single cell analysis

Rodthongkum, Nadnudda | Chulalongkorn University | Research Professor and Deputy Director | Paper based microfluidic device. Thread based microfluidic device. Nanomaterial enhanced microfluidic performances.

Ros, Alexandra | Arizona State University | Associate Professor | Micro- and Nanofluidics, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Microscale Migration Mechanisms, Single Cell Analysis, Functional Surface Design, Microfluidic Tools for Nanocrystallography

Ross, Ashley | University of Cincinnati | Assistant Professor | Neurochemistry, brain-immune communication, neurochemical-regulated immunity, microfluidics, electrochemistry, ex vivo

Rowat, Amy | UCLA | Associate Professor | The Rowat Lab studies the mechanics of biological materials and their role in physiology ranging from human health to the foods that we eat.

San Miguel, Adriana | North Carolina State University | Assistant Professor | Microfluidics for C. elegans and other model organisms, high-throughput screening and deep phenotyping, with a focus on aging of the nervous system

Sandison, Mairi | University of Strathclyde | Lecturer (Chancellor's Fellow) | Lab-on-a-chip and materials engineering techniques combined with live cell-imaging for developing new in vitro models; single cell analysis; vascular cell biology

Sato, Kae | Japan Women's University | Professor | Development of microfluidic devices for studies of vascular biology. Padlock probe rolling circle amplification systems for counting single DNA molecules in a cell.

Schwille, Petra | MPI of Biochemistry | Director | Bottom-up Synthetic Biology, Protocells, in vitro protein production, Single molecule spectroscopy

Segerink, Loes | University of Twente | Associate Professor with ius promovendi | My research focuses on the development of microfluidic systems for biomedical applications, such as (1) spermatozoa on chip, (2) biomarker detection for early cancer diagnostics and (3) organ on chip.

Shao, Huilin | National University of Singapore | Assistant Professor | Multiscale molecular diagnostics: circulating biomarkers, biosensors, nanomaterials

Shaw, Kirsty | Manchester Metropolitan University | Senior Lecturer in Forensic Biology | Clinical Diagnostics, Conservation Genetics, Forensic Science, Microfluidics, Molecular Biology

Shen, Amy | Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University | Professor | We explore the dynamics and properties of flows involving nano- or micro-structures (i.e., DNA, surfactants, lipid vesicles, or bacteria, cells) in microfluidics.

Shin, Jennifer | KAIST | Professor | Our lab focuses on mechanobiology, developing engineering tools to find links between cellular biomechanics and pathophysiological changes in light of diagnostics and therapeutics of diseases.

Shui, Lingling | South China Normal University | Professor | Microfluidics based platform for self-assembly, optoelectrical sensing and display applications, with >100 journal articles and >50 issued patents.

Sikanen, Tiina | University of Helsinki | Adjunct professor | Drug metabolism, mass spectrometry, microfluidic separation systems, microreactors

Silverio, Vania | INESC Microsistemas e Nanotecnologias & Instituto Superior Tecnico, ULisboa | Senior Researcher & Invited Assistant Professor | Scientific innovation combining nanotechnology, simulation, design, microfabrication, integration & test of Microfluidic Platforms, LOC, OoC... Development of Standards & Processes for Microfluidics.

Simmons, Chelsey | University of Florida | Mechanical and Aerospace, BME Faculty | My lab combines microfabrication, biomaterials, and tissue engineering strategies for applications in mechanobiology, regenerative medicine, and cancer.

Simon, Melinda (Mindy) | San Jose State University | Assistant Professor | Droplet microfluidics, organ-on-chip models, dielectrophoresis, drug testing, digital microfluidics (EWOD), single cell analysis

Singh, Dr. Suman | Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO) | Principal Scientist | Microfluidics, Electrochemistry and Optical Spectroscopy for environment monitoring, & Diagnostics, Paper device, Lateral Flow devices, Flexible electrodes, 3 D printed Devices, Energy Storage

Sohn, Lydia | University of California, Berkeley | Professor | Cancer diagnostics and monitoring, cancer biology/microenvironment, stem cell biology, and mechanophenotyping

Srivastava, Soumya | University of Idaho | Professor | Electrokinetics for disease diagnostics, environmental applications; dielectric characterization; modeling and simulation; education research.

Stanley, Claire | Imperial College London | Lecturer (US Equivalent: Assistant Professor) | Our research focuses on developing microfluidic or "Organ-on-a-Chip" technologies to probe the interplay between soil-dwelling organisms at the single cell level.

Stott, Shannon | MGH Cancer Center / Harvard Medical School | Assistant Professor | Microfluidics, Imaging, Biomaterials, Biopreservation, Liquid Biopsy, Extracellular Vesicles & Cancer Cell Biology

Stroka, Kimberly | University of Maryland, College Park | Assistant Professor | Developing microfabricated devices with integrated cells and biomaterials for applications in cancer mechanobiology, vascular biomechanics, and stem cell engineering.

Sun, Jiashu | National Center for Nanoscience and Technology | Professor | Microfluidics for liquid biopsy, microfluidic synthesis, and nanomedicine.

Taly, Valerie | CNRS, INSERM, Univ. Paris Descartes, Cordeliers research center | Laboratory deputy director, group leader | Droplet based microfluidics and its application to cancer research Surfactants Single cell and single molecule analysis Personalized medicine Biomarker discovery Cancer heterogeneity

Takai, Madoka | The University of Tokyo | Professor | Biomaterials for Medical Devices and Tissue Engineering, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Surface Modification for Microfludics

Tang, Sindy | Stanford University | Associate Professor | Microfluidics, droplets, emulsions, single cells, interfacial transport and self-assembly, soft matter physics, bioinspired engineering, optofluidics, lab-on-a-chip, diagnostics

Tenje, Maria | Uppsala University | Associate Professor | Organ-on-chip, micro- and nanofabrication, integrated sensors and microfluidics for life science applications.

Theberge, Ashleigh | University of Washington | Assistant Professor | Cell signaling underlying human disease, microscale organ models, host-microbe interactions, open microfluidics, bioanalytical chemistry, 3D bioprinting, capillary flow, translational research

Toh, Yi-Chin | Queensland University of Technology | Associate Professor | Engineered human tissue models for mimicking multi-organ interactions in drug responses and metabolic diseases

Tserepi, Angeliki | National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" | Director of Research | Development of microfluidic/Lab-on-a-chip devices and biomolecule microarrays for food safety and disease diagnostics, where the PCB-based approach emerges as a promising manufacturing technology.

Venturelli, Ophelia | University of Wisconsin-Madison | Assistant Professor | Understanding microbial communities across space and time by combining high-throughput experimentation, computational modeling, optimization and microfluidics

Verpoorte, Elisabeth (Sabeth) | University of Groningen | Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis | Organ-on-a-chip systems to assess drug metabolism, organ interactions, & endothelial dysfunction Microparticle separations Paper microfluidics Miniaturized components for analytical instrumentation

Villard, Catherine | CNRS, Curie Institute, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute for microfluidics | Director of research, head of the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute technological platform | Cell growth, cell guidance and cell polarization using the tools provided by microfabrication technologies (micropatterning, microfluidics). Applications to neurosciences and microbiology.

Vlassakis, Julea | Rice University | Assistant Professor of Bioengineering | Single-cell protein analysis in pediatric cancers; micro and nanoscale assay design; cellular and molecular biophysics of metastasis; microfluidic sample preparation for structural & systems biology.

Wang, Evelyn | MIT | Professor and Department Head | Micro/nanoscale heat and mass transport processes; Nanostructured materials; Thermal management, microfluidics, solar thermal, and water harvesting applications

Witek, Malgorzata A. | The University of Kansas, Lawrence | Associate Research Professor | Microfluidic-based isolation and molecular analysis of liquid biopsy markers including circulating tumor cells, extracellular vesicles, and cell free tumor DNA for cancer and stroke diagnostics.

Won, Yoonjin | University of California, Irvine | Assistant Professor | Micro/nano interfacial & transport phenomena; AI computer vision, machine learning & data-driven models; atomistic computing; nanomaterials; thermal management; electronics cooling; water harvesting

Wu, Angela Ruohao | Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Assistant Professor | Applications of microfluidics to molecular biology, single-cell genomics, and systems biology.

Wu, Mingming | Cornell University | Professor | My lab develops and utilizes micro-scale technology to study cellular dynamics under controlled environment, and use this knowledge to solve contemporary problems in health and environment.

Yamada, Ayako | Ecole Normale Supérieure - CNRS | CNRS researcher | Harnessing, guiding, sensing, and/or observing self-organization of soft/living matter using micro-/nano-fabrication and microfluidics technology

Yamanishi, Yoko | Kyushu University | Professor | Microfludics and nanofludics Micro- and nano engineering Gene injection technology Electrically(plasma)-induced bubbles Biomedical applications and micro-devices

Yao, Shuhuai | The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Associate Professor | Lab-on-a-chip; Microfluidics and nanofluidics; Microdroplets; Interfacial phenomena

Yin, Huabing | University of Glasgow | Professor | Single cell analysis, Microfluidics, Organ-on-a-chip, Engineering microenvironment, Raman spectroscopy Cell mechanics

Ying, Jackie | NanoBio Lab | A*STAR Senior Fellow, Professor | Nanostructured materials for medicine, cell and tissue engineering, green chemistry and energy. Biodevices and systems for in vitro toxicology, diagnostics, food testing and drug screening.